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Be aware that as an associate of Splash Magazines Worldwide, or its affiliates or subsidiaries, these are the terms and conditions that you must comply with:

At no time will you (as a writer, journalist, freelancer, reviewer or intern) or your associates, friends, family or affiliates directly request anything i.e. products, services or event attendance from outside companies as a representative of Splash Magazines Worldwide or its affiliates or subsidiaries.

All requests MUST come through the Splash Magazines Worldwide editorial team.

If you have a story idea, want to attend an event, want to review a product, etc. let us know and provide us with the pertinent information (through our web page interface) and we will contact the company on your behalf or provide you with an Editorial Assignment Document. ALL communications MUST ALWAYS be through our Splash Magazines Worldwide editorial team!

At no time will you, while associated with Splash Magazines Worldwide, or its affiliates or subsidiaries, give out your personal phone number, email address, physical address or any other personal contact information to any contacts made through or on behalf of Splash Magazines Worldwide, or its affiliates or subsidiaries, nor will any of your friends, family or affiliates give out any of their personal information such as phone numbers, email addresses, physical address or any other personal contact information.

All correspondence and communications must come through Splash Magazines Worldwide editorial team.

All submitted articles become the property of Splash Magazines Worldwide in that we may keep your articles posted on our sites for as long as we see fit. You may use your articles in any other publications if you wish.

Any violation of these terms will result in immediate termination of our relationship with you and the immediate notification of companies that you have worked with (on our behalf) that you are no longer associated with Splash Magazines, or its affiliates or subsidiaries.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions that you may have (contact@lasplash.com).

There are many excellent opportunities available through Splash Magazines Worldwide that will allow you to experience things you may never have had access to before and, often, to receive the VIP treatment! Our sites receive a tremendous amount of traffic, so the articles you post will not only be read all over the world but will also often appear on the first page of Google searches! Keep in mind that this is not a paid position. Splash Magazines has been and continues to be willing to take more risks with new writers than other publications.